Latin America

In 2005, Visa launched Finanzas Prácticas (,) an online financial literacy program aimed at educating individuals about personal finance matters such as:  budgeting, saving, investing and spending. Finanzas Prácticas provides practical tips and recommendations for different stages in life where individuals are required to make financial decisions, from purchasing a home or a car to getting married or sending a child to school. The website offers a series of educational tools including calculators, budget planners, interactive games and brochures.

In Latin America, Finanzas Prácticas has partnered with financial institutions, non-government organizations, consumer protection agencies, universities and media to create initiatives that further promote financial education. Currently, the program is endorsed by more than 45 local partners in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. Newsletter distribution to partners and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are also important tools available to provide guidance to consumers on personal finance management.

In addition to the Website, Visa has developed a unique educational theater road show for school children launched in Brazil and Mexico. In partnership with Banco do Brasil, The Mexican Banks Association (ABM), Secretary of Education of Sao Paulo and the Secretary of Public Education in Mexico City, among others, both programs engage youngsters' attention through magic tricks and soccer stories to teach them about valuable life lessons centered on  the importance of saving, budgeting and being responsible with their money. The program called "Finanças Práticas Theater," in Brazil and "Profesor Q: Discover the Magic of your Financial Power," in Mexico, have reached more than 40,000 public school students in both markets.

In addition, Visa has brought to Latin America a FIFA World Cup themed video game called Financial Soccer ( or This game available in Spanish and Portuguese, and other languages, provides individuals of all ages an innovative platform to learn the fundamentals of finance by playing a soccer match. In 2011, The Inter-American Development Bank, IDB, Awarded Visa for its financial literacy Initiative "Financial Soccer" in Latin America. Financial Soccer was recognized with the beyondBanking award under the category of learnBanking as best interactive initiative.

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