In Canada, Visa runs two financial literacy programs-a school-based program called "Choices & Decisions-Taking Charge of Your Financial Life," and "Practical Money Skills Canada," an online resource for consumers, students and teachers.

Originally introduced in 1996, Visa's Choices & Decisions program is a flexible, curriculum-based classroom resource used by business educators, math teachers and guidance counselors to teach high school students about financial management, budgeting, career planning, goal setting, and financing postsecondary education.

Available for download or in hard copy in both English and French, Choices & Decisions includes 15 chapters of lesson plans, prepared overhead presentations, quizzes, and activity worksheets. Since its inception, more than 5,000 schools have used the curriculum.

The Practical Money Skills Canada program, developed in 2004, educates Canadians about budgeting, saving, investing, and spending. It includes hard-copy brochures and mini kits available for downloading in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Punjabi, and Chinese along with a website offering "financial basics for the real world." Practical Money Skills Canada offers articles, tips and advice around specific life events that require financial decisions, from purchasing a home or car to preparing for retirement to managing student loans. The website offers interactive money management and education tools including calculators, budget planners and quizzes.

To provide elementary school children with foundational personal finance skills, Visa introduced two new educational video games in 2012. Peter Pig's Money Counter teaches kids to count coins, while Money Metropolis helps them learn about saving for a goal. Both games can be played online.