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In 2002, Visa introduced our financial literacy program "My Money Skills" in the Asia Pacific region. This modular online program offers six topics on the most relevant financial information necessary to meet the day-to-day money management needs of people of all ages. The website includes information on budgeting and saving, banking services, the wise use of credit and debit cards, how to manage debt, smart shopping, as well as security and identity theft.

My Money Skills provides more than 200 helpful tips on day-to-day money management in English, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Bahasa Indonesian, Malay, Hindi, and Chinese (traditional and simplified).

Our efforts in the Asia Pacific region do not stop at the My Money Skills website. We work to further our education initiatives with country-specific partnerships:

  • In Australia, we are a member of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission Financial Literacy Community of Practice. Visa is also working with the Australian Financial Literacy Board to support Financial Literacy Week.
  • In China, Visa partners with the China Foundation for Development of Financial Education (CFDFE) to provide financial education to central and western China with local workshops and a financial literacy touring bus.
  • In Hong Kong, Visa conducts university-level financial education programs, including a major seminar with CUPPA, a local magazine for students.
  • In New Zealand, Visa has a formal partnership with the Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income to fund a national research project.
  • In Taiwan, we have partnered with the Bank Association of the Republic of China to educate university students there with in-person seminars, a social media program and online video competition.

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Responsible Spending
Responsible Spending

Visa's viewpoint on working with its many partners to instill key financial skills and encourage responsible spending across the globe.